Papers of conference participants will be published in double-blind reviewed Conference Proceedings Merkúr 2019 (e-book).

The Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Merkúr 2019 you can download HERE.

Only papers written in English language that were successfully pass double-blind review process will be published in electronic conference proceedings that were be submitted to the Thomson Reuters® Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) and Web of Science. 

The paper must strictly follow the guidelines and the template "Paper_template_2019.docx" for papers written in English or the template "Sablona_prispevku_2019.doc" for papers written in Slovak or Czech language.

Authors are responsible for language and content revision of submitted papers. All papers will be reviewed.



Prof. Ing. Peter BALÁŽ, PhD.

Ing. Ladislav BAŽÓ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Dana BENEŠOVÁ, PhD.

Prof. Ing. Viera ČIHOVSKÁ, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Ferdinand DAŇO, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Eva HANULÁKOVÁ, PhD.

Ing. Katarína CHOMOVÁ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Elena KAŠŤÁKOVÁ, PhD.

Prof. Ing. Jaroslav KITA, CSc.

Doc. Ing. Ľubica KNOŠKOVÁ, PhD.

Ing. Daniel KRAJČÍK, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Viera KUBIČKOVÁ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Júlia LIPIANSKA, CSc.

Ing. Miroslava LOYDLOVÁ, PhD.

Prof. Ing. Dagmar LESÁKOVÁ, CSc.

Prof. JUDr. Ľudmila NOVACKÁ, PhD.

Ing. Jozef ORGONÁŠ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Ľuboš PAVELKA, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Viera RUŽEKOVÁ, PhD.

Ing. Simona ŠKORVAGOVÁ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Štefan ŽÁK, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Zuzana KITTOVÁ, PhD., M.B.L. - HSG


Doc. Ing. Monika MATUŠOVIČOVÁ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Milan ORESKÝ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Ľubica KNOŠKOVÁ, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Andrej MIKLOŠÍK, PhD.